A Spring Perspective

A Spring Perspective

Celebrating Spring with a Fresh Perspective

The Universe

We celebrate spring by inviting you to gain a fresh perspective. Take a journey with us to See the Big Picture™ – with a simply incredible visual tour of our world. We’re sharing a new interactive tool created by Cary and Michael Huang that offers an amazing perspective on the scale of objects life has to offer. Since marketing researchers often use scales to collect and analyze data, we thought it fitting to show how the use of scale can bring our entire universe into profound perspective.

Just click on the image in the box above to access the interactive tool. Then hit the start button, and after loading, simply scroll to move in and out: you can go almost to infinity in either direction! Prepare to be amazed as you journey from the sub-atomic scale all the way to the largest known objects in the universe (and notice the symmetry). Along the way, you can also click on any of the objects displayed to learn a little more about them.

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