Our Work

Foresight Drives Insight

The best marketing research begins with thoughtful planning. We probe more deeply at the outset of every study to fully understand your marketing challenges. This ensures that our expertly crafted questionnaires and moderator guides will harvest the precise information you need. Acumen’s distinctive reports then deliver on our overarching promise — empowering you to See the Big Picture.

See The Big Picture

Competitors’ marketing research reports typically fail to provide clear direction. Although a wealth of data may be presented, they fall short in synthesizing the study’s diverse components into a strategic whole.

Acumen’s reports reveal the entire story behind the numbers — clearly and concisely. You will be amazed how our unique blend of art and science brings a wealth of research data quickly into focus.

Our reports provide actionable findings you can readily absorb and put to use. By combining insightful observations with sophisticated graphics, they furnish the precise detail and “Big Picture” views necessary to successfully navigate today’s marketplace.

Example Work - Stats at a Glance
Example Work - Review of Insights
Example Work - Acumen Profiler by age, geographic region, household income, gender, marital status and education level
Example Work - Data on client customer satisfaction vs dissatisfaction
Example Work - Overall Satisfaction
Example Work - Impressions
Example Work - Stats at a Glance
Example Work - Perceptual Imagery of Overall Experience With Current Employers

The Ultimate Executive Summary

We believe a report’s organization is paramount. Acumen reports get right to the point, presenting key results up front in three convenient sections: The Overview, Stats-At-A-Glance, and Profiler.

The Overview condenses a study’s most significant findings into just two pages of commentary. It is concise yet surprisingly comprehensive, and never dry or simplistic. For those with an appreciation for statistics, our Stats-At-A-Glance page delivers a quick snapshot of a study’s most noteworthy data in an easy-to-grasp tabular format. Acumen’s Profilersummarizes the respondent sample’s demographics in a clean, user-friendly layout.

The balance of our reporting consists of a highly efficient review of findings. Articulate text is supported with vibrant charts and tables to bring the most essential information to light. Acumen reports also feature an abundant selection of verbatim responses to open-ended questions, neatly summarized to clearly portray the illuminating “voice of the customer.”

Feel Your Data

Acumen continually advances the presentation of marketing research data. Our creative approach goes beyond mere data visualization, depicting results you can actually feel. Our Brand Persona-At-A-Glancecharts condense a large array of metrics into a concise visual summary. With one glimpse, you will immediately sense your brand’s relative strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis the competition.

Acumen’s TalkBoards are designed to take full advantage of the projective techniques we employ during focus groups. Our Social Media QuadMapsand Ratings Synthesizers are two more examples of how our ingenuity keeps Acumen at the forefront of the industry.

Long Story Short

Bottom line: Acumen’s reports transform complex marketing data into actionable information you can quickly grasp and set into motion